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The Novesa London Shirt


The Novesa London Shirt


We're proud of our shirts and know once you experience the quality, and the craftmanship, they'll quickly become your favourite dress shirt.


We've been crafting shirts
since 2004

Crafting luxurious and contemporary garments using time honoured English shirt-making techniques. We provide exclusive fabrics from some of Europe’s finest weaving mills. Colour, design and quality are standard hallmarks of our collections.

The Collar

Our collars are non-fused, and crafted with 12 components.

As the most visible part of a shirt, it is essential that the collar looks the best it possibly can. Understanding this, NOVESA crafts 12 components into a traditional non-fused collar that not only improves with age, but achieves that crucial hand-tailored look which fused collars simply cannot replicate.

This is done through the use of superior craftsmanship and materials, such as bias cut interlining, rather than the adhesives used in most collars to stiffen their appearance and facilitate production. Simply stated, the NOVESA Collar is second to none.

The Fabric

Exclusive fabrics from some of Europe’s finest weaving mills.

We select only the finest fabrics to craft our shirts with. When you put on a Novesa London shirt, you'll immediately notice the texture and weight of the fabric. A hallmark of a Novesa London Shirt.

We use cotton fabrics in luxurious fine poplin, twill, pinpoint oxford and broad cloth throughout our label collections and from time to time, we present forward-looking shirts boldly in a blend of cotton, satin, jacquard, lace, linen, and print fabrics.

The Cuff

Signature double cuff shirts, featuring contrast cuffs, & convertible button cuffs.

Another hallmark of a NOVESA shirt is its traditionally crafted, non-fused cuff. The bucket shape cut of the NOVESA Double Cuff gives it the perfect contour, allowing it to be folded back nicely and sit perfectly on the wrist, giving greater comfort to the wearer.

Furthermore, the buttonholes are sewn into the cuffs one inch from the edge, giving it a livelier turn back. In addition, the cuffs are attached to the sleeve using three pleats, as opposed to the traditional two, which works to give the sleeve a more elegant appearance and combats bunching of the sleeve.

The Yoke and Placard

Our properly cut yoke perfectly balances the shirt.

As the centrepiece of the shirt, where the collar, sleeves, front and back pieces meet, our properly cut yoke perfectly balances the shirt. Split into two equal halves, with the top pieces cut on the bias, the yoke gives the NOVESA shirt a traditional styling with a perfectly contoured  fit.

Our woven garment label is sewn onto the inside of the yoke just below the collar, and hand tailored so it doesn’t irritate like laser cut labels found on most shirts today.

To provide support for the buttons and to create a shirt that lasts longer and sits straighter, the centre front opening of the garment is  finished with a properly stitched placket. This also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the NOVESA shirt.

The Buttonhole

Each Purl buttonhole is perfectly finished with 157 stitches.

All NOVESA shirts are equipped with Purl buttonholes, a traditional shirtmaking technique that increases the durability of the shirt by ensuring that the button rests on the Purl rather than the shirt fabric.

The Process

Each shirt undergoes 47 processes to bring together 33 separate shirt components.

When all is said and done, a NOVESA shirt is the end result of some complex engineering as 47 processes are used to bring together 33 separate shirt components. In order to perfectly complement this feat, our shirts are all made from the finest 2 fold cotton yarns. Since we use only Egyptian or Pima cotton, you can rest assured that a NOVESA shirt will be the  nest you will ever wear.

Finally, The Exclusivity


Wear your Novesa London shirt with confidence knowing it's unique. We only ever craft 120 of each shirt design, and those are split between sizes and 3 continents!